Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butter London Colors of the Week – Jelly Sheer Colourwash

If you were a child of the 80’s you probably remember when the Jelly shoes first hit the scene. The colors were eye catching and if you were like me, you had to have one of each color!

Imagine those same colors on your nails!

Meet “JELLY” by Butter London

jelly butter london

These juicy, sheer colors look and feel like slick, wet “lipgloss” for your nails. They are also stunning when mixed and matched over one another! There are so many options in these three bottles and i Bar carries them all!


Stroppy Jelly Collection

Belligerent and moody. A pale grape Jelly that becomes darker and more seductive with each coat.


Chuffed Jelly Collection

Pleased and delighted. A cool cantaloupe that becomes more of an iced tangerine with each coat.


Twee Jelly Collection

Excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint. A sheer raspberry Jelly that becomes a brighter magenta with each coat.

Twee was featured in W Magazine!

Want to purchase this awesome color, but don’t live near the Walnut Creek i Bar? Call us at 1-800-908-iBar or email us at sales@ibarthreading.com to order any of the products featured on Beauty Buzz in the City.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Simon Fashion Now! A Fall Fashion Must Go-To Event!

Simon malls around the country are rolling out the runway to showcase this year’s brightest fall styles at Simon Fashion Now.

Simon Fashion Now is a series of vibrant fashion shows designed and presented by Simon Property Group, Inc., the country’s largest owner, developer and manager of high quality retail real estate.

A celebration of luxurious and affordable style, Simon Fashion Now will offer advice and insight into the latest cosmetic trends, must-have accessories, and, of course, fashion flair at select Simon properties. This event is open to everyone and promises to provide dynamic free entertainment.

i Bar is excited that Simon Fashion Now is coming to Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto and we will be taking part in the Fashion Show! Stay tuned for more details…

Friday, August 27, 2010

Facebook Fans of the Week


CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s Facebook fans of the week:

Fresno – Libby L

Palo Alto – Geri N

Walnut Creek – Adele P


Would you like the chance to be i Bar’s Facebook Fan of the week? It is as simple as becoming a Facebook Fan for your local i Bar.

I Bar Fresno

I Bar Palo Alto

I Bar Walnut Creek

Healthy Skin Begins with Clarisonic

Open the pages of any beauty magazine and you are bound to see an advertisement for Clarisonic or read an article about its benefits. Clarisonic has received rave reviews from magazines like Glamour, Vogue Essence, inStyle, Women’s Health, and many more magazines.


It was even one of InStyle Magazine’s 2009 Best Buys.


Why are so many people singing its praises?

Skin cleansing is the essential first step in any skin care ritual, yet it’s often overlooked. Without proper cleansing, pollutants, oil and bacteria accumulate on the skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads, blemishes and dullness. This prevents serums and moisturizers from performing to their fullest potential.

Clarisonic developed the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. In just 60 seconds a day, the micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing.


By cleansing daily with a Sonic Skin Cleansing System, you’ll remove dirt and oil better than with traditional manual washing. Even makeup is removed six times better than standard cleansing. And skin is left so clean it actually absorbs products like serums and moisturizers better.


Just look at the difference….

Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Systems improves the appearance of skin tone

Here are some of the benefits of using Clarisonic:

· 2X more effective than manual cleansing

· 6X more make-up removal than manual cleansing

· 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C

· Works with all skin types

· Reduces oily areas and blemishes

· Minimizes pores, & fine lines and wrinkles

Clarisonic is available at all i Bar locations.

Want to purchase Clarisonic, but don’t live near an i Bar? Call us at 1-800-908-iBar or email us at sales@ibarthreading.com to order any of the products featured on Beauty Buzz in the City.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Beauty Tips

The fall semester is fast approaching and it is time to get your back to school tools in order. And by tools I don’t mean pencils, rulers and backpacks! Make your first semester a memorable one this school year and use these tips to reinvent your style!

Have Fabulous Skin
Keep your skin feeling great and protect it from the turning of the seasons. Pack a bottle of your favorite lotion, body cream, or moisturizer in your purse or backpack, and stash a few in your dorm or locker so you are always prepared to fend off dry, cracked skin. Try Sugar Flavored Hemp Lotion for optimum moisture and protection.

Flirty Fingertips
Dark, bold shades are in! Bold shades are all the rage this season. i Bar will be introducing the Butter London Fall collection soon and it is all about being bold! Not the bold type? Stick with classic colors or an elegant French manicure.

It’s All in the Eyes
Smoky is in - cool tones for eyes in blue, gray, and silver give girls the hottest looks this season. Don’t be afraid to introduce a little bit of eyeliner. In fact, white eye pencil is IN right now.  Keep those eyebrow lines clean trimmed to draw attention to your eyes.

Get a little cheeky
No matter what your age, a little pink or reddish tint to cheeks can go a long way. A gentle dusting of blush can freshen up a stale look in seconds. Matte skin is the trend of the season.

Play with these tips and find the look that fits your style. But most importantly, find a look you are comfortable with.

Have a great 2010/2011 school year!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Butter London Color of the Week – Primrose Hill Picnic


Primrose Hill Picnic is a happy, punchy, tropical, fuchsia pink. This color will make you want to take off your shoes and run barefoot through the office.  Come on, You know you have always wanted to!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Simon Fashion Now! – Stanford Shopping Center Fashion Show

The hottest fashions are coming to a shopping center near you! That is, if you live in Palo Alto! ;)

Mark your calendars for September 24 and 25. Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto is hosting a HUGE fashion show and will be introducing the latest and hottest Fall fashions!

i Bar Palo Alto is proudly participating in the Fashion Show. Stay tuned for more details!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tame Those Brows - Eyebrow Gel

Just like the head on our hair, eyebrows sometimes have a mind of their own and refuse to be tamed! One little secret not too many people know about is the availability of EYEBROW GEL!

Show those brows who’s boss by brushing on a little bit of eyebrow gel. With its mascara-style brush it is easy to gel the entire brow at one time or use the tip of the brush to focus on smaller areas. Accent your arch by brushing up or lower your arch by brushing the eyebrow hair along your arch down. Want that Grouchy Marx look – brush all your hair up and send us a picture because I would love to see that! =)

If your eyebrows are constantly going in different directions, then use these gels to help create conformity in their eyebrows. This is a clear gel so you don’t have to worry about getting the right color for your gel. For easy removal, use makeup remover.

Eyebrow gel is available at all i Bar locations.

Facebook Fans of the Week


Congratulations to this week’s Facebook Fans of the Week!

Palo Alto – Dawn S

Walnut Creek – Heidi A

Fresno – Kellee P


If you would like the opportunity to become a Facebook Fan of the Week and win prizes, simply become a fan of one of our Facebook Pages.

Palo Alto – www.Facebook.com/iBarPaloAlto

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Determining the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Type

Many of you know that certain hair styles go great with your facial type while other hair styles are all wrong for you. Did you realize that the same rule may apply for your eyebrows? Eyebrows are not a one shape fits all feature and determining the best eyebrow shape for your facial type can make a difference in your appearance.
Here are some tips to help you determine which shape is best for your facial type:
A round face looks best with a stronger, straighter eyebrow which can add needed angles to a round face.
Selena Gomez Shoulder-Length Hairstyle
An oval face looks best with a medium fullness and classic arch.
A long face looks best with a stronger, higher arch.
Megan Fox

A square face looks best with a slightly rounder arch to add needed softness.

Other factors to consider when determining your eyebrow shape include:
  • How thick or thin your eyebrows are – avoid over-reducing your eyebrow line if you have thin eyebrows
  • The size and shape of your eyes
  • Distance between your eyes – are your eyes close set or far apart?
  • Your age – Again, not all eyebrow shapes are created equal
Having a hard time determining what shape best suits your facial type? Consider asking one of our eyebrow threaders for a consultation.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Butter London Color of the Week – Scoundrel


Nothing rotten about this Scoundrel!  In fact this weeks Butter London color of the week is far from rotten! This lovely shade of purple is still the hot color choice of the year! Though it may be “back to school” time and the fall clothes are hitting the stores, there is still plenty of summer weather left. Because this medium tone purplish-mauve can appear darker or lighter depending on what clothing you are wearing, it is perfect for the transition through the seasons.

Want to purchase this awesome color, but don’t live near the Walnut Creek i Bar? Call us at 1-800-908-iBar or email us at sales@ibarthreading.com to order any of the products featured on Beauty Buzz in the City.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Facebook Fans of the Week



to the following Facebook Fans of the Week!

Palo Alto – Juliann R

Walnut Creek – Trisha O

Fresno – Jessica H

Congratulations, Ladies! At your convenience, please stop i Bar to redeem your gift!

Tokyo Milk – French Kiss

Oui oui, mademoiselle. Vous odeur merveilleuse.


French Kiss provides the sweetest kiss with hints of Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia & Vetiver.

This scent was one of the most popular scents at the Walnut Creek Trunk Show.

Want to experience French Kiss for yourself, but don't live near i Bar Walnut Creek? Call us at 1-800-908-iBar or email us at sales@ibarthreading.com to place your order.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Summer Beauty Tips

Fortunately, the weather has not been overly hot in Northern California, but that doesn’t mean your skin couldn’t still use some pampering! Even overcast weather tends to be harsh on your skin and cause sunburns so take precaution when going out even on the gloomy looking days.

Take care of yourself during the remainder of the summer by doing the following:

1. Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of heat stroke. Drinking water will help you hydrate your skin from within.

2. Use Sunscreen – just like the old American Express commercials say – never leave home without it!  One of the most convenient tips for anti-aging is to use sunscreen daily. The harsh UV rays not only can cause cancer, but can accelerate aging. Combat the UV rays with sunscreen on your face and body to help prolong those signs of aging.

3. Protect your eyes with large sunglasses. Sun exposure increases the risk of cataracts so put on those shades.

4. Switch to water-based skin care products. Summer is the time when skin tends to get oilier and that can cause to more pimples. Changing to water-based products can reduce the oiliness and thus, reducing pimples.

5. Wear a hat to protect your hair and for more shade from the blazing summer sun.

7. Opt for lip gloss instead of lipstick. (The new Tokyo Milk lip balms are light weight and smell WONDERFUL!)

6. Arm yourself with a tube of aloe vera gel. It is wonderful for healing sunburns. On top of that, it is a great oil-free moisturizer for face and body.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butter London Color of the Week – Cheeky Chops

They call me mellow yellow… (you’re singing the song in your head now, aren’t you?) :)

While walking around Broadway Plaza this weekend, I could not help but notice that the most popular blouse/sweater color worn was yellow! There were many shades of yellow, with each one just as pretty as the last. If you love yellow, then I have the nail color for you!

Introducing …..

Cheeky Chops


If you have always wanted to wear yellow polish without it looking to young, then this is the color for you.  Cheeky Chops is the MOST sophisticated yellow you have ever seen in a polish color and will certainly have people noticing your sophisticated, but daring style!

Once you put this polish on, you won’t want to wear closed-toe shoes! You will want to flaunt this color and show people you are making a statement!

Want to purchase this awesome color, but don’t live near the Walnut Creek i Bar? Call us at 1-800-908-iBar or email us at sales@ibarthreading.com to order any of the products featured on Beauty Buzz in the City.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The Walnut Creek Trunk Show was a success! Thank you to all those that came out to support the Trunk Show! We had a great time with all of you and we hope that you enjoyed yourselves as well!

It was rewarding to see customers as excited about the new products as we were!

Both the Tokyo Milk and Butter London lines were a hit and customers were excited to smell the various fragrances of Tokyo Milk and see the luscious colors of Butter London. Both product lines are now featured in the store so be sure to check them out at your next visit to i Bar Walnut Creek! Dead Sexy and French Kiss were popular scents for Tokyo Milk while Butter London’s Tramp Stamp (yes, that is really the nail color’s name!) and Chimney Sweep sold out during the event!

Thank you, again, for making the Trunk Show event a success! We could not have done it without all our loyal customers!

See you at the next event!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Trunk Show VIP Party Pictures

If you didn’t make it to the Walnut Creek Trunk Show yesterday, you still have a chance to view the products today and tomorrow! There was a nice turnout at the VIP party and we loved hearing folks ooooo and ahhhh over the new items!

20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (43 of 45) 

20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (5 of 45)20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (41 of 45)

We introduced the Tokyo Milk line and it was a hit! Dead Sexy was a favorite of those that came by yesterday!

 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (1 of 45)20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (7 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (8 of 45)

The much anticipated Butter London line’s colors were showcased and folks loved the richness of their colors.

20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (11 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (4 of 45)

The Asian themed products were eye-catching and beautiful. From business card holders to various size handbags as well as fortune cookie coin purses to adorable and I mean ADORABLE baby shoes!

20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (40 of 45)20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (12 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (15 of 45)

It isn’t a party without food!  These gorgeous cookies were made by our Sales Manager, Shelby’s, daughter. They turned out great (and delicious)!

20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (23 of 45)20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (21 of 45)  20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (39 of 45)

These beautiful jewelry pieces are ONLY available during the Trunk Show so be sure to stop by and check out these gorgeous works of art!20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (28 of 45)  20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (32 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (34 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (35 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (36 of 45) 20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (37 of 45)   20100805TrunkShowVIPEvent (30 of 45)

This Week’s Facebook Winners


This week’s Facebook Fans of the Week are……

Palo Alto – Emily A

Fresno – Mikel Z

Walnut Creek – Jennifer W


CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s winners!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trunk Show VIP Event TONIGHT!

Do your evening plans include stopping by i Bar Walnut Creek’s Trunk Show tonight? Stop by i Bar between 5 pm and 8 pm tonight to join us for appetizers, champagne and SHOPPING! This is the public’s first opportunity to view the hottest, fashionable items that i Bar will be offering.

trunk show flier_Mod3

Invite your girlfriends and stop by the Trunk Show to see hard-to-find items like Tokyo Milk and the must-have natural nail polish line, Butter London!

TokyMilkLipBalm ButterLondon TM Perfume

Can’t stop by tonight? You still have opportunities to attend the trunk show Friday and Saturday!

See you there!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glamour, Bling, Stylish and Fragrant

What do all those words have in common? They describe items that will be available at i Bar Walnut Creek’s Trunk Show. The below products are currently in-store and available now. No need to wait until the Trunk Show to purchase these products.

WalnutCreek (13 of 21) WalnutCreek (1 of 21) WalnutCreek (4 of 21) WalnutCreek (6 of 21) WalnutCreek (7 of 21) WalnutCreek (8 of 21) WalnutCreek (9 of 21) WalnutCreek (10 of 21) WalnutCreek (11 of 21)