Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall’s Top Runway Trends

There is no better place to find out what the trends are for the upcoming season than the runway!

This fall’s trends include bright lips and cheeks, loose and sultry hair and luscious lashes!

Here are the top looks for fall:

1. Floral Lipstick
Forget the darks of fall’s past. This year is all about going bright. Flower-colored lipsticks like carnation peach, petal pink and rose red are the “it” colors for fall.

2. Clumpy Lashes
Remember the bulky lashes of the 1960’s? That look is back. Layer on the mascara to get this eye-catching look.

3. Low Ponytails
High ponytails were so summer. Keep that neck warm this fall by wearing your ponytail at the nape of your neck or even lower. This look can easily go from day to night.

4. Strong Blush
Don’t be bashful when it comes to blush. Go for the reds and pinks to make a statement.

5. Metallic Eye Shadow
When it comes to metallic eye shadow, there is no rule. Wear it light or bold. Either way, all attention will be on your eyes.

6. Buns and Braids
The loose do’s of summer are carrying on into fall.  Hot looks include wearing a loose bun to the side and relaxed braids starting at the base of the neck.

7. Monochrome
If you aren’t the type to go over the top with pink lips and cheeks or bold eyes, then opt for the Monochrome look. Sometimes, just one color fits all. Use it on your eyes, cheeks, lips and even your lashes.

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