Friday, February 25, 2011

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Beauty Forecast

The Skin Guru, Dr. Leslie Baumann, shares her forecast for beauty in 2011.

With Norcal Medical Spa now providing services at Green Valley Salon and Spa (including Botox, various fillers and Zerona Laser Liposuction), I found these forecast to be interesting and am curious to see if her predictions hold true for 2011.

We would love to hear what you think about these predictions! Please feel free to leave a comment on your opinions!

More injectable fillers
Injections are the most popular anti-aging treatments, and in the next few years we can expect to see new dermal fillers hitting the market. In addition, talented doctors have been finding off-label ways to use fillers to turn back the hands of time. The current trend is to use fillers in the jaw line area and in front of the ear to help pull back the skin and improve sagging. Cheeks can also be injected to restore the youthful curve of the face. My advice: When you see someone who looks unnaturally “over-filled,” ask them who their doctor is—and don’t go to them.  An artistic doctor can do these procedures without making you look fake or “done.”

Even more Botox
Last year saw the FDA approval of two new Botox-like options, Dysport and Xeomin. Keep in mind that Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are only FDA-approved to treat frown lines at this time, but we can expect to see some new uses of these products being investigated this year. Botox recently gained approval for migraines (in addition to its approval for excessive sweating), so your insurance may cover the injections if you meet certain criteria.

Zap the fat
The sci-fi idea of using a laser to eliminate bulges of fat is now a reality. Last year saw the introduction a bevy of office-based devices using cold, laser, and other technologies to shrink fat—most of which have been disappointing. One ultrasound treatment that has been used abroad to shrink fat is LipoSonix. It is currently in FDA trials here in the U.S., but has been approved in Canada. Stay tuned. My advice: Save your money for now, and let’s see what the next year brings.

(Side note: The Zerona is FDA approved in the US and guarantees loss of inches.)

A new way to shop for sunscreen
Get ready for a new sunscreen label. There’s been buzz about this much-needed change for a few years now, but we hear it will become a reality in 2011. The new labels will still have SPF ratings for the product’s ability to shield the skin from UVB rays (although companies will no longer be allowed to use the rating “SPF 50+”) and there will be a new star rating system that rates a sunscreen’s protection from aging and cancer-causing UVA rays. The more stars a product has, the higher the UVA protection—and the labels may also state how long you can stay in the sun without burning.

New OPI Alert–Texas Collection

Get ready for modern American style, as OPI comes “home” to the USA with the Texas Collection!


This collection is now available at I Bar and Green Valley Salon and Spa.

A fresh and refreshing facet to an effortlessly chic, very unique, and colorful original style season.


This collection includes 6 unique shades with a “sorbet like” finish.

Check out this video on how to get the "Sorbet look with lacquer!

Here is the lineup of colors in this YEEHAW I LOVE THE USA collection…Sorry, got a little carried away with the patriotism :)




What’s your favorite color from this collection?

I think I need to add “Ya’ll Come Back Ya Hear?” (for that super summer look) and “Suzi Loves Cowboys” to my OPI collection.

Friday, February 18, 2011

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rainy Day Beauty Tips

Just last week, the sun was shining and the temperature was reaching a glorious 80.

Today, I walked out of the salon and it was POURING. The first thought in my head was “thank goodness I didn’t bother to straighten my hair today.” I know there are ladies out there that understand me when I say that! :)

The rain inspired me to share these rainy day beauty tips with you…

Hair Care
Do not fight the frizz on damp days, embrace it! Wash your hair and follow it with frizz control conditioner. After a good towel dry, comb through the hair with a wide mouth comb or pick. Towel dry the hair again. Squirt a quarter size of frizz control styling mousse into the palm of your hand. Rub it into your hair starting with the roots and work in all over. Pick out your hair again, do not brush! Keep the hair wavy and pretty. Arrange your hair and finish it with a frizz control hair spray.

A Waterproof Face
Use a tinted moisturizer on rainy days as foundation powder can wash away. Use waterproof cream eye shadows, waterproof mascara and eyeliners. Do not use powder blush but instead choose crème blush.

Moisturize Your Body
Protect your skin from rain and humidity. Use a moisturizer on your body before you get dressed. Keep lotion in your desk and purse and use the lotion to shield your body from rain.

Stay dry out there, Californians!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OPI Color of the Week–Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection–Simply Smashing and Black Shatter

Serena Williams and OPI have collaborated to create the Glam Slam Collection. The colors will run in conjunction with the Australian Open (January), French Open (May), Wimbledon (June) and the US Open (August), with two shades debuting with each competition. The collection begins with Simply Smashing, the perfect glitzy yellow that resembles the color of a tennis ball.

Accompanying Simply Smashing is Black Shatter, a special effects polish that creates a leopard print pattern on top of any nail polish shade.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get in the Mood for Love–Valentine’s Day is 4 Days Away!

Still looking for a gift for your Valentine?

Stop by Green Valley Salon and Spa and check out our display of Valentine’s Day gifts by Kama Sutra. These sultry products include:

  • Lover’s Body Paint in Milk Chocolate, Rich Caramel or Dark Chocolate Raspberry
  • Honey Dust Body Powder
  • Strawberry Sweet Heart Box
  • Cupid’s Collection

Green Valley Salon and Spa - Valentines Day (9 of 9)

Green Valley Salon and Spa - Valentines Day (6 of 9)

Green Valley Salon and Spa - Valentines Day (5 of 9)

Green Valley Salon and Spa - Valentines Day (7 of 9)

Gift your Valentine with these products and add some spark to your Valentine’s Day celebration!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

  1. Take off your shoes – Reduce the amount of dust, pollen and pesticides in your home by adopting a “no shoes” policy in your home.
  2. Switch to all natural household cleaners – from dish soap to floor polish there is a vast selection of non-toxic cleansing products available for your home and clothing
  3. Redecorate with low or no-VOC paints – Water based paints and stains come in an array of colors and are non-toxic
  4. Upgrade your HVAC filters – High performance and HEPA rated filters are available for return vents. This helps reduce indoor pollutants by filtering dust, pollen and other undesirables from the air.
  5. Avoid plastics – By banning vinyl and other PVCs, you will keep dioxins out of the air and plastics out of the landfill. It will also reduce your family’s exposure to the toxic substances in plastic.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Product Alert–OPI Katy Perry Collection



Katy Perry has teamed with OPI for her very own collection of fabulous lacquer shades, inspired by her newest album, Teenage Dream. These four shades combine amazing color with Katy's own fashion sense for nails that pop!  Wear with OPI Black Shatter for the ultimate pop-arazzi magnet! Go ahead -- live the dream.

This collection includes:

The One That Got Away
Not Like the Movies
Last Friday Night
Teenage Dream
Black Shatter

Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Fan of the Week



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Walnut Creek – Aileen V

Palo Alto – Patricia S

Fresno – Celeste J

Emeryville – Tanjeet B

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 411 on Sunscreen

Whether the sun is shining brightly on you or hiding behind a thick layer of clouds, its rays are still present and can run havoc on your skin.

Make sunscreen a part of your daily morning regiment and protect your skin from the harshness of the sun.

Below are some facts to help you learn more about sunscreen and why it should be your best friend.


What Are Sunscreens?

Sunscreens are chemical agents that help prevent the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB, damage the skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. The ingredients in sunscreen protect the skin by absorbing, blocking or scattering UV radiation.UVB is the chief culprit behind sunburn, while UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply, are associated with wrinkling, leathering, sagging, and other effects of photo aging. They also exacerbate the carcinogenic effects of UVB rays, and increasingly are being seen as a cause of skin cancer on their own. Sunscreens vary in their ability to protect against UVA and UVB.

Who Should Use Sunscreen?

Anyone over the age of six months should use a sunscreen daily. Even those who work inside are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for brief periods throughout the day. Also, UVA is not blocked by most windows.

Children under the age of six months should not be exposed to the sun. Shade and protective clothing are the best ways to protect infants from the sun.

What Is SPF?

SPF — or Sun Protection Factor — is a measure of a sunscreen's ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. Here's how it works: If it takes 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red, using an SPF 15 sunscreen theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer — about five hours.

Another way to look at it is in terms of percentages: SPF 15 blocks approximately 93 percent of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97 percent; and SPF 50 blocks 98 percent. They may seem like negligible differences, but if you are light-sensitive, or have a history of skin cancer, those extra percentages will make a difference.

But there are problems with the SPF model: First, no sunscreen, regardless of strength, should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours without reapplication. Second, "reddening" of the skin is a reaction to UVB rays alone and tells you little about what UVA damage you may be getting. Plenty of damage can be done without the red flag of sunburn being raised.

What is PA?

Newer sunscreens in the market also contain UVA-filters and their protective effect against UVA is measured with PA. PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA. The U.S. FDA currently does not offer a rating system for UVA. PA is a designation that originated in Asia and is used globally.

There are three grades, namely PA+, PA++ and PA+++.The more +, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UVA. PA+++ offers the most protection.

UVA is long wavelength (320-400 mm) UV. UVA radiation can penetrate glass and clouds and can be 30 to 50 times more prevalent than UVB rays. UVA rays can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and cause skin aging, wrinkles, and skin cancers.

UVB is middle-range (290-320 mm) UV. UVB rays do not penetrate glass. Although UVB is less penetrative than UVA, UVB is more intense. UVB causes burning, tanning, acceleration of skin aging and the development of skin cancer.

Benefits of Sunscreen

- Minimize the effects of UVA and UVB.

- Shield important proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin.

- Protect skin from developing too high concentration of melanin which causes age spots and freckles.

- Help prevent skin from developing skin cancers.

How to Choose Sunscreen?

Select a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection, UVA/UVB protection. Look for sunscreen with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. These ingredients are insoluble particles which absorb and reflect UV away from the skin.

How to Apply Sunscreen?

Sunscreen should be the last step of skin care regimen so that it can shield your skin and block UV rays. Apply sunscreen after applying moisturizer.


Green Valley Salon & Spa proudly retails Obagi products, including their Nu-Derm Sunscreen SPF 50.

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